welcome to freshly found…
A fresh take on living an ordinary life in an extra-ordinary way
We love to answer these questions –
What do I have?
How can I make the most of it?
Together lets…
Cultivate an ethos of optimism and content.
Encourage and honour hand craft.
Strive to enjoy a healthy artisanal lifestyle.
Celebrate our place in community


about denise…

The vibrant tension between old and new items alongside each other and the surprise of traditional in a cOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAontemporary and unexpected makes me happy. I delight in filling life with creations that I make and objects found in obvious and sometimes obscure places.   I trained as a Home Economist,  have worked in journalism and interior design and owned an eclectic coffee shop.

I am an ENFP, have raised 3 amazing children, been a wife to a very supportive husband and have spent many hours refurbishing, re-inventing, recycling and creating.

thanks for visiting 🙂


              meet the team…

Denise 2 Untitled-1denise kiggan…  revels in taking the familiar, turning it around and viewing it from a fresh, enlightening angle.  The products she designs have stories of old and new, recycled and funky, fresh and quirky! She heads up Freshly Found and oversees the projectsHle Untitled-1 copyhlengiwe mbambo… is a valuable and talented member of the crafting team. She is responsible for putting together many of the Freshly Found products.

Sandile  Untitled-1sandile sithole…  is a craftsman with a broad smile that lights up his face.  He is an excellent beader with a very high standard of work!    He has honed his skills as a book artist too and and has taught some of his community members the art too. Christy Untitled-1christy kiggan… is a graphic designer and brand strategist. Her design skill and graphic work enrich every aspect of FF! She has a passion working with natural colourings and pioneered all the dyeing of paper for our flower range


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