freshly found media mentions…….

SPCA image001THE HIGHWAY MAIL newspaper – The Kloof and Highway SPCA launched their Golden Paw  Society on 29 May at their premises in an attempt to get the community more involved and more aware about what goes on at the SPCA. Barbara Patrick, manager of the Kloof and Highway SPCA said, “Our first priority is to get to know our community and get them to know more about us. We rely on the support of our community for finances and their time to help us.” 2 June 2014

Christy and Denise Fresh Living 3 P4214171.jpgFRESH LIVING magazine – Planet Protectors – Denise and Christy Kiggan.  Mother and Daughter Team behind Freshly Found. Background: Home economist-trained Denise refers to her work as “interior redesign”, helping people make the best of what they’ve got without buying new.   New Look: Together with her daughter Christy she’s produced a range of everlasting flowers out of discarded paper and pages from unwanted books.  Fresh Living.  Page 72.  August 2013

Sarie 3 b Scan.jpg
SARIE tydskrif – Woon – Hoe Groen is Jy? Die Kleinste veranderinge in jou leefstyl kan ‘n reuse-verskil maak aan ons planeet.  Hier is maklike – en mooi – maiere om te herwin en energie te spaar. Sari Tydskrif – June 2013 – Page 132


rapportmytyd squ14april.jpg
RAPPORT – MY STYL -Fraaigevou – Origami-geinspireerd dekor is deesdae oral. Die eeue oue papier-vou kuns is te sien van in meubelontwerp tot fyn versierings. PRONKER – papier strelitizia van gebruikte waspapier.  BLOMTYD – Reuse lelie uit vintage-kaartpapier. KOSTELIK – Monopoly Geld Kaart. Rapport – My Styl – 14 April 2013 – Page 4
 Cushion - House tapestry  squ b P5011581.jpg

SUNDAY TIMES HOME WEEKLY magazine -This Week We’re Loving… ECLECTIC EASE. House Tapestry Cushion.  R280.  Freshly Found.  Sunday Times Home Weekly. Page2. 18 November 2012.


House and Leisure sq2 Untitled-2.jpg
HOUSE AND LEISURE magazine -Denise Kiggan of Freshly Found, an online shop that sells handmade items made from objects that would otherwise be turned into waste, has always loved working with her hands.  ‘I’ve always enjoyed seeing the potential in found materials.  I believe that greater creativity is forged within strong boundaries – not having everything that you want and think you need makes space for great innovation.  I prefer items with an interesting story behind them than the merely beautiful and store bought.’ – House and Leisure October 2012 Page 182
The Crestbb  - Photo P6131984.jpg
THE CREST magazine –VINTAGE INSPIRATION With a passion for the quirky and whimsical, Denise has tumed a hobby into a successful business. “I have always delighted in filling my home with the things I’ve made, as well as objects found in sometimes obscure places,” says Denise, who describes her Freshly Found decor accessories as a blend of vintage, repurposed, restyled and handmade treasures. “The vibrant tension between old and new items alongside each other, and the surprise of using the traditional in a contemporary and unexpected way is a cherished love for me.” Drawing on her eye for the unusual, Denise re-works vintage collared shirts into fresh and funky scatter cushions. Vinyl LP record covers find a new purpose as vibrant origami folded boxes and knitting needles form the stems of intricately-crafted paper flowers. The revival of an “old fashioned” skill flows like a retro thread through the Freshly Found range.  – The Crest June/July 2012 Page 18
Book Ends b P2170983.jpg
YOU magazine – Décor GOOD OLD DAYS Take Dad back to the days when vinyl still rocked on record players.  We love these record book ends by local designer Freshly Found.  Use them to decorate Dad’s study – they are sure to remind him of his younger days.  Visit or email June 2012 Page 27.  Also in Huisgenoot June 2012 Page 25
A Bunch of 'Read' Roses Prop Mag  b PB250509.jpg
PROPERTY magazine –ROSES ARE READ Add interest to your home or office desk with this quirky decor item.  Denise Kiggan of Freshly Found creates these lovely flower-and-vase simulacra out of old newspapers [correction – books]. The best part?  The flowers are always fresh, even though they never need watering. – Property Mag – March/April 2012 – Page 179
Fair Lady - Paper Boutonierre b squ 2011 07 11 020.jpg
 FAIRLADY BRIDE magazine – Pin Up – Why should girls have all the fun?  Add a quirky touch to the groomsmen’s outfits with a fun festive boutonniere. Vintage Paper Origami Lily R50. Freshly Found. Fair Lady Bride Summer 2011/2012 Page 32


Garden and Home back page cropped2  (4).jpg
GARDEN AND HOME magazine – … “I love re purposing vintage or found goods, giving them a fresh and sometimes unexpected new life,” she says. A few years ago, Denise began scouring blogs and design websites for inspiration for her crafting and upcycling projects. Later, she started her own blog featuring photographs of her handiwork. Encouraged by the positive response, she decided to turn her hobby into a business and opened Freshly Found, a unique online decor and accessories boutique…. Besides buying online, you can also find Freshly Found products at the popular iheart Market in Durban and The Fringe on Kloof in Cape Town. September 2011 – Back Page
IOL b 362865721.jpg
GOOD LIFE – THE MERCURY newspaper – With a passion for things quirky and whimsical, home economist Denise Kiggan has turned a hobby into a successful business writes Cate Rayner… “The vibrant tension between old and new items alongside each other and the surprise of traditional in a contemporary and unexpected way is a cherished love for me”… The revival of an ‘old fashioned’ skill flows like a retro thread through the Freshly Found range… With her enthusiasm for experiments with a range of eclectic designs, Kiggan hopes Freshly Found will continue to bring the past into the present… Read the full article here 22 July 2011 Page 4
House and Leisure b P7159344.jpg
HOUSE AND LEISURE magazine -SA’s style shapers & rising stars – 46 people you should know – Neil Roake and Denise Kiggan – …..Style-setter Denise has locals looking the part via Freshly Found (, her fabulous online ‘vintage refreshed’ furnishings and accessories boutique, and whimsical, popular blog. – August 2011Page 43
I Heart Mkt b P4013571_edited-1.jpg
ELLE magazine -Denise Kiggan of KZN-based online furnishings and accessories boutique, FRESHLY FOUND, creates ‘vintage folded book art’ and boxes made from vintage album covers. Why paper? I am passionate about paper, especially vintage paper. I love the way age embellishes it with different shades of brown and yellow.  I enjoy the typography and print patterns createsd by the pages in an unexpected way. I thrive on the creative challenge of being restricted to books and pages and seeing just how much can be done with them.  June 2011 page 136
Imagine Durban logo copy.jpg
IMAGINE DURBAN Online magazine – Sustainable thinking can start just by learning to appreciate things with fresh eyes. Denise Kiggan delights in repurposing everyday objects imaginatively. Denise has worked in the past as an interior decorator but doesn’t subscribe to the notion of latest-and-greatest. She says, “I find the idea of going in and buying everything new a little overwhelming.  Instead, it’s much better to take the chair from Granny and this tomato box and see what else you can find that will work with them.” … That old saying that necessity is the mother of invention is so true. When you don’t have something, you make a plan. If you’re limited in certain ways, you become more creative in others.”Read the rest of the article here.
LP Boxesb P2082621.jpg
ELLE magazine – hotlist – City Buzz – Durban. Denise Kiggan puts a fresh twist on vintage items and fashion accessories under her Freshly Found label.  Find it at or the I Heart Market ( Featuring photos of Freshly Found Paper Bracelets and Freshly Found Record Cover Boxes – March 2011 pg 145
Crochet Covered Recycled Soda Bottles.jpgIDEAS magazine -Repurpose, refresh, recycle. Freshly Found. We have recently launched an exciting new website and online shop, It’s all about taking second-hand objects and refreshing them in a creative and innovative way. Featuring photos of Freshly Found Crochet covered soda bottles and Origami Lilies  – March 2011 pg 10



Cushion - House tapestry  squ b P5011581.jpg



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